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SOC Assessment

Level up your SOC.

While a SOC can help you increase your IT security, it’s only as good as the underlying processes and technologies and the people who use it.

Our assessment evaluates the maturity level of your SOC and provides actionable insights to strengthen your security posture and better protect your critical assets.


The percentage of SOCs that do not monitor computer networks 24/7, putting them at risk*


The percentage of SOCs that are failing to achieve minimum security monitoring capabilities**


The percentage of SOC staff that rate their “pain” level as a 7 on a scale of 0 to 10***

*SANS 2022 SOC Survey
**Hewlett Packard Enterprise State of Security Operations Report 2017
***Devo SOC Performance Report

Unlock the full potential of your SOC with our proven framework.

In recent years, SOCs have become increasingly complex, and the amount of data flowing into them continues to grow. But to remain manageable, SOCs need to simplify their complexity. Only then can they realize their full potential to defend against cyberattacks.

Get a clear understanding of your current threat posture with an evaluation of your SOC. Based on our in-depth assessment, we provide you with a defined action plan to improve your efficiency – and your IT security.

SOC Assessment

We perform a complete analysis of existing security measures of your SOC to assess your organization’s ability to identify, analyze and respond to potential threats, and identify opportunities for improvement. This helps uncover vulnerabilities and gaps in your security strategy before an attack occurs, and allows your organization to take targeted action to improve the security posture and mitigate risks.


In a short, concise management summery, we summarize the most important findings of our assessment.

Detailed Reporting

In a detailed report, we compile the results of our assessment, define your SOC’s current maturity level, and identify possible security gaps as well as optimization possibilities.

Clear Roadmap

Based on the detailed report, we create a roadmap in which we present all measures that are necessary to bring your SOC to the next level. These measures are prioritized in terms of their importance for your IT security.

Expert Advisory

Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by one of our experienced IT security consultants, who will also assist you with any questions you may have about your security solutions.

Automation & Threat

We help you to increase your SOC’s level of automation to detect and resolve incidents faster – for maximum efficiency in both time and cost.

Continuous maturity model

The steps in our SOC assessment follow a continuous maturity model. This means that the process represents a loop of improvements that can occur simultaneously and independently for all areas assessed.

Our assessment model

We are one of the first companies in Europe to work with a standardized framework consisting of 5 domains with a total of 25 aspects. The Business, People and Process domains are assessed for maturity only, while the Technology and Services domains are assessed for both maturity and capability.

“This is a continuously never-ending process, as the threat situation is also constantly changing, shifting, and intensifying due to current developments. With its SOC, water enables us to keep up with the speed of these developments and reduce fault tolerance by automating processes, while increasing efficiency and the speed of cleanup.”

Michael Schöller (Head of IT, Schmitz Cargobull)

Your benefits of a SOC Assessment:

Measure Capability and Maturity

Reduce cost,
effort and time

Achieve better automation
and reduction of errors

Prioritize improvements
based on risk

Comply with industry
standards (e.g. NIST and ISO)

Accelerate your
IT security

Want to take your SOC to the next level? Just contact us.

André Kraemer

New Business | Project Manager

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