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How SOC analysts benefit from Copilot for Security

From monitoring security alerts to analyzing threats and investigating incidents – a SOC analyst has a lot of responsibilities to deal with. Let us show you how Copilot for Security makes your life as a SOC analyst easier and more efficient – and how you can use this groundbreaking technology in your everyday workflow.

Are you asking yourself any – or all –
of the following questions?

What are the current threats affecting our network and systems?

How effective are our current detection and response strategies?

Is there an efficient way to generate comprehensive incident reports?

If so, read on. Microsoft’s Copilot for Security may have some pretty nice features for you – and the right prompt can be the key to answering those questions in just a few seconds.

Let’s see the power of prompting in practice

To give you an idea of how easy it is to put the benefits of Copilot for Security to work, we have prepared a real use case relevant to every SOC analyst. The challenge: How do you quickly determine if a running script poses a security threat? Instead of digging through complex programming language, Copilot for Security can answer the question in just a few seconds with the right prompt.

Prompts: Part 1: “Analyze the following Script”. Part 2: “Summarize the findings from this analysis into an executive report. Begin with an assessment of the script. Include confidence and supporting evidence for the assessment. Below that, generate paragraph sections for a "Script Overview", "Threat Intelligence", and "Response Suggestions". It should be suitable for a less technical audience.”

Level up your skills with Copilot for Security

New technology, endless opportunities: See how Copilot for Security can support you in your daily challenges:

Interested in more prompts for SOC Analysts? Or any other IT role? Just let us know!

Philipp Kretz

Partner Alliance Manager

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