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How Security engineers benefit from Copilot for Security

From security incident monitoring to vulnerability assessments to regulatory compliance – a security engineer has plenty to take care of. Let us show you how Copilot for Security makes your life as a security engineer easier and more efficient – and how you can use this groundbreaking technology in your everyday workflow.

Are you asking yourself any – or all –
of the following questions?

Is our security architecture designed to address current and emerging threats?

Can we improve our incident response capabilities to be more effective and efficient?

How well are our security controls aligned with industry compliance standards?

If so, read on. Microsoft’s Copilot for Security may have some pretty nice features for you – and the right prompt can be the key to answering those questions in just a few seconds.

Let’s see the power of prompting in practice

To give you an idea of how easy it is to put the benefits of Copilot for Security to work, we have prepared a real use case relevant to every security engineer. The challenge: How do you create a security report of recent CVEs to efficiently identify and respond to the most critical threats affecting your system? Copilot for Security solves this question in seconds with the right prompt.

Prompt: “Could you provide a security report for the current CVEs from the last week affecting my tenant, based on threat intelligence information? The report should be a table listing the CVE number, name, alert counts, and dates, sorted in ascending order by alert count. No summary description needed.”

Level up your skills with Copilot for Security

New technology, endless opportunities: See how Copilot for Security can support you in your daily challenges:

Interested in more prompts for Security engineers? Or any other IT role? Just let us know!

Philipp Kretz

Partner Alliance Manager

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