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Everyone is talking about AI. We show how to use it.

Since ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is everywhere. And it’s more than just a passing hype – the technology, based on Large Language Models (LLM) trained using millions of pieces of data, is about to revolutionize the way we work. This wave of technological innovation is opening up a whole new set of opportunities and benefits – and with groundbreaking tools like Microsoft Copilot, it’s having a major impact on IT security.


AI can analyze behavioral patterns and identify anomalies in real time to quickly and efficiently detect cyber threats while adapting to the ever-changing tactics of cyber attackers.

Data analysis

Using machine learning, AI can continuously learn from historical and new data to predict potential future vulnerabilities and attack scenarios, further strengthening IT security.


AI allows for a high degree of personalization, both to the needs of the organizations deploying it and to the users themselves, enabling tailor-made use cases.

How to use Microsoft Copilot in your everyday work

Microsoft Copilot
at a glance

When we talk about Microsoft Copilot, the first thing we need to be clear about is that there is not just one Copilot. Instead, there are different Copilots for different areas. The important ones for the IT security industry: Copilot for Security and Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 has a huge impact on the productivity, creativity and efficiency of your organization and can be used directly in applications such as Word, Excel or Outlook. With Microsoft Purview, we help you ensure that your organization remains compliant, especially when it comes to privacy and data protection – a big issue when it comes to AI.

Copilot for Security helps you automate incident response and gain deep visibility into cyber threats. It can be used as an embedded version directly from tools such as Microsoft Sentinel or Microsoft Defender XDR, or as a standalone experience.

We help to take your Copilot to the next level.

Philipp Kretz

Partner Alliance Manager

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