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How we keep GASAG’s IT landscape secure with 24/7 Managed Detection & Response Services.

Using the power of a perfectly aligned security solution from Microsoft to protect against growing cyber threats.

The challenge

IT security has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. And although our customer GASAG had already started to implement security measures early on, the huge increase in cyber attacks, especially with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, made it necessary to seek the support of a professional SOC service provider in order to effectively defend against the growing threats.

“With Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Sentinel already in place, we were specifically looking for a SOC service provider with a clear focus on optimizing the use of Microsoft’s security solutions and getting the most out of our existing licenses.”

Roman Tilavel (IT-Service Manager, GASAG)

Above all, the SOC should complement the existing preventive security measures and ensure that incidents could be resolved quickly and efficiently. In water IT Security, GASAG found a partner that not only offers such a powerful SOC, but also specializes in Microsoft security solutions.

The solution

GASAG’s onboarding took place as part of a pilot project in which we monitored the company’s IT for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Using a clearly defined transition process, the most important questions regarding collaboration were answered early on, such as who the right contacts are, how fast response times should be, which data connectors make sense, or which alerts can be closed automatically.

“When I see what water is doing with the SOC, it’s just outstanding. From the beginning, our goal was to find external experts for Managed Detection & Response, as it would have been very difficult for us to handle the workload internally.”

Roman Tilavel (IT-Service Manager, GASAG)

After successfully completing the pilot phase, GASAG is now part of our 24/7 monitored SOC. Since our customer already had a good security framework in place, we were able to focus entirely on enhancing and optimizing the Microsoft Defender XDR products and their interaction with Microsoft Sentinel.

“Working with water is very collaborative and always on an equal footing. Thanks to their expertise, they can make clear recommendations on how to handle certain incidents, which has helped us time and again in our daily work.”

Roman Tilavel (IT-Service Manager, GASAG)

The benefit

As a result, GASAG now has a modern, cloud-based security solution that can quickly detect and respond to all types of cyber threats. With a monthly check-up, we not only ensure that our security measures are always up to date, but can also regularly check our SOC for optimization potential.

“Above all, the reduction in workload that the water SOC provides us with is clearly noticeable. We have well-defined processes in place to ensure that incidents are handled efficiently. This means that irrelevant issues can be automatically closed and we only get involved when necessary.”

Roman Tilavel (IT-Service Manager, GASAG)

However, GASAG is already looking to the future – specifically to Microsoft Copilot for Security, which will be a game changer for the IT security industry. Our client has already set the course for its use in the company – and as a proud participant in the Microsoft Copilot for Security Partner Preview, we will of course be helping to find suitable use cases and support GASAG in its implementation.

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