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Stay ahead of the cyber threat wave with our Zero Trust workshop

4 x 3h Zero Trust Workshop 

Our Workshop to understand the complexities of a Zero Trust approach and what it means for your business  

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, protecting your business from cyberattacks is essential. A Zero Trust approach provides a desirable and necessary solution, but it must always be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. It can help you:

  • Support remote and hybrid work
  • Prevent or reduce the business impact of a breach
  • Identify and protect sensitive business data and identities 

Why do you need a Zero Trust workshop? 

As security threats continue to grow, cybersecurity has become incredibly complex. And your organization is challenged to find the right answers to many questions: How can I best protect my IT infrastructure from attacks? What security solutions make sense for my business? How do I enable my employees – and even external parties – to securely access company data remotely? Our Zero Trust workshop will help you answer these questions for your organization: 

  • Get an overview of your company’s current IT architecture and determine your Zero Trust readiness 

  • Get a compact overview of Microsoft’s security solutions and a guide through the complex jungle of the IT security landscape 

  • Receive decision templates to define the next steps for your organization and clarify which security components you need for your individual Zero Trust approach 

Overview of our Zero Trust workshop 

In four sessions of three hours each, we will give you an overview of Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions – always with your organization’s needs in mind: 

  1. Your company’s IT architecture 
    We look at the current state of your IT infrastructure and create an organizational chart. 
  2. Zero Trust overview 
    We answer the question of why a Zero Trust approach is essential in today’s IT landscape and what it means for your business. 
  3. Microsoft Entra 
    We provide an overview of the Microsoft Entra product family and discuss the new Security Service Edge solution, which adds a new category of network security to existing security solutions, enabling a single source Zero Trust approach. 
  4. Microsoft 365 Defender Suite 
    We will provide an overview of the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite, which coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications for integrated protection against complex attacks. 
  5. Managed XDR (Managed SOC) 
    We introduce you to our Managed Detection and Response services, which use advanced technology to quickly detect and respond to threats, using automation for rapid incident response to minimize the impact of potential breaches. 
  6. The big picture 
    We conclude by looking at the big picture and providing you with decision templates. 

Executive Summary 

With Security Service Edge – which provides users with global, secure access to corporate resources and which we also helped to develop – Microsoft has added another important component to its security solutions, enabling a complete Zero Trust approach within Microsoft’s leading IT security product family. As a long-standing and certified Microsoft partner, we can show you the way to an individual Zero Trust approach for your company and help you to build up an efficient, modern and secure IT infrastructure. 

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