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More Productivity, Fully Compliant: Get Ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 with our latest Workshops

More Productivity, Fully Compliant: Get Ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 with our latest Workshops

Artificial intelligence is a game changer with an impact that many compare to the Industrial Revolution. And they are not wrong. From automating workflows to improving collaboration and boosting efficiency – AI can enable organizations to reach new levels of productivity. One tool that’s leading the way: Copilot for Microsoft 365. In fact, a recent report* shows that Microsoft’s new AI solution is even changing the way we work. Three of the key findings:

70% of people using Copilot say they are more productive

People using Copilot caught up on a missed meeting four times faster

77% of people who used Copilot said that once they started using it, they didn’t want to give it up

The study highlights that the use of AI has a significant impact on productivity, creativity, and time – and can give companies a significant competitive advantage. However, this also means that organizations that are not racing to adopt AI could be left behind by their competitors.

Securing data in an AI-first world

But: With new technology comes new challenges. In the case of artificial intelligence, these are primarily in the areas of compliance, privacy, and data protection. Companies are faced with the difficult task of rapidly implementing AI solutions while at the same time remaining compliant. This is where Microsoft Purview comes in as the industry-leading solution that enables organizations to govern, protect, and manage their entire data estate.

The benefits:

Comprehensive visibility into the use of generative AI apps, including sensitive data usage in AI prompts and total number of users interacting with AI

Extensive protection with the ability to block generative AI apps and ready-to-use customizable policies to prevent data loss in AI prompts

Compliance controls to help detect business or code of conduct violations and easily meet regulatory requirements


The answer to your challenges: Our Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshops

We’ve designed two workshops to help your organization realize the full potential of AI to increase productivity and efficiency – without compromising on compliance, security, and data protection:

  • The 18-Day Get Ready Standard Workshop aimed at Microsoft E3 license holders
  • The 26-Day Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop aimed at Microsoft E5 license holders

In both workshops, we’ll assess your AI readiness and provide you with an implementation framework that ensures you have full visibility and control over your most important asset – your data. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Purview and how it improves compliance and security when deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365. Our workshops are divided into two parts. In the first step, we review your unique IT landscape and determine your organization’s Microsoft Purview maturity level. The goal is to create a clear understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Purview solutions in the context of Copilot for M365. In the second part, we’ll use best practices and specific use cases to look at the most common pain points in implementing Copilot for M365 – and how Microsoft Purview can solve these challenges.

Here are some of the modules we’re covering in the workshops:
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Insider Risk Management
  • And many more

You want to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365, but you’re not sure how or where to start? Our workshops can help you get going. For more information, check out our offerings on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace:

18-Day Get Ready Standard Workshop
26-Day Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop


*Work Trend Index Special Report

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