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An impressive wave of awards

Moving on to a new chapter as Microsoft Regional Director

Alex Benoit, CEO of water IT Security & Defense, has every reason to celebrate. Microsoft has not only awarded him the prestigious "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) title for the seventh consecutive time but has also appointed him as one of the world's 209 specialists for the entire Microsoft portfolio in the exclusive circle of Regional Directors (RD).

„I am immensely humbled to share the news of my recognition as a Microsoft Regional Director. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Microsoft team for honoring me with this significant role and to all of you who have been instrumental in my journey so far.“

Alex Benoit, CEO WATER

MVP Award: Technical Excellence and Global Recognition

The repeated MVP award underscores Alex's outstanding technical skills and his position as a leading expert in his field, particularly in the area of Security. His expertise is recognized and valued worldwide.

RD Appointment: Expertise and Strategic Acumen

As a new Regional Director (RD), Alex is valued for his comprehensive knowledge of the Microsoft portfolio and his strategic acumen. The role of RD demands not only technical brilliance but also the ability to discern market needs and strategically position companies for success, not only within the Microsoft Stack but also across all leading or at least relevant solutions in the market.

Holders of this title are known for their speaker engagements at relevant industry conferences and for mapping industry challenges with leading technologies or concepts as an independent voice in the market.

A Key Role in Facilitating Dialogue between Microsoft and the Community

Regional Directors play a crucial role in promoting dialogue between Microsoft and the community, especially regarding strategic issues. Alex is recognized for his expertise and dedication as a valued advisor and interlocutor for Microsoft, customers, partners, and professionals from various product groups.

A Shared Partnership for Innovation and Customer Benefit

The close partnership between water IT Security & Defense and Microsoft enables the company to be informed early on about trends and discussions. This allows the company to advise its customers optimally and adapt their IT strategies to future developments. Alex's role as a Regional Director strengthens collaboration with Microsoft and underscores the joint commitment to developing innovative solutions that offer significant customer benefits.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to Alex for these impressive awards and are proud that he represents water IT Security & Defense as CEO. His expertise and passion enrich the entire team, and our customers benefit from his profound knowledge and dedication. As a company, water will continue to work closely with Microsoft to develop excellent solutions and ensure the highest level of IT security for our customers.

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